"We go back a few years........"

Risky Business or more fondly known as 'The Riskies'  go back yonks.

In fact back to 1993, when they were all individual musicians with some time on their hands and all simultaneously at a loose end. Namely Ruth & Ken Powell and Dave Walmisley.


They all knew each other, saw each other regularly, but weren't aware that the other two were in the same situation which was looking to play some music.


However, serendipity decided to play it's part and after a few short and exciting days of getting together to play some music, Risky Business was born. There followed 13 years of playing music together and recording 5 albums and it was only due to  geographical complications of moving to other parts of the UK that the 3 of them decided to have a rest and pursue their own thing for a while.


Now they're back!  A little wiser, a little slower and a little more thoughtful for the music they play.  Again, providing a superb combination of songs from the traditional folk song to English/American contemporary music, giving concerts that will appeal to almost every audience.  It's with our great pleasure to tell you that 'The Riskies' now have a new lease of life and hope to see you at one of their gigs in the not too distant future, 

Ken Powell        Ruth Powell       Dave Walmisley